Assessment and Instruction in Special Education Certificate Course - CPDC-Continuous Professional Development Courses

Course Details  
Course Language:  English
Location: Online 
Duration: 15 hours 
Qualification: Assessment and Instruction in Special Education Certificate 
Further Details 
Course Access: Lifetime 
Assessment Included: Yes 
Compatibility: All devices and browsers 

Who is presenting the cousre?

The Assessment and Instruction in Special Education Certificate course is presented by Dr. Effie Efthymiou, Assistant Professor of Education, at the College of Education, United Arab Emirates University. Her research and publications focus on inclusion, classroom discourse, and educational environments, which are conducive to supporting inclusive class teaching from the point of view of stakeholders, particularly children with Special Needs and Disorders (SEND) and how far the physical as well as psychological environments contribute to positioning and attitudes. She has extensive experience in qualitative research techniques. Her latest publication is on inclusion and multimodality by Efthymiou, E., and Kington, A. (2017) The development of inclusive learning relationships in mainstream settings: a multimodal perspective. Student Learning, Childhood & Voices, Cogent Education, 4 (1), 1-22. DOI: 10.1080/2331186X.2017.1304015. 

What you will learn in this course: 

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 
1. Identify various assessment approaches to align assessment with instruction; 
2. Describe effective strategies for teaching students with mild to moderate disabilities; 
3. Discuss differentiated instruction and identify appropriate assistive technologies to assist students with disabilities in accessing the general education curriculum. 

Benefits of the course: 

  •  Get up-to-date information on basic concepts, theories and practices in assessment and instruction for students with mild/moderate disabilities; 
  •  Engage into different assessment modes throughout each module to check your knowledge;   Easy to follow course material;
  • Convenient to study from any location with an internet connection;
  •  Access the material at any time and at your own pace;
  •  Lifetime access to the course. 

Course Modules/Lessons: 

Module 1: Assessment and Instruction 
Module 1 begins by introducing educational assessment and how it informs instruction. The participant learns how special education teachers design instruction by gathering information about the student, including what the student knows and can do. The participant learns about different assessment approaches including curriculum-based assessment, probes, error analysis, teacher-constructed quizzes and exams, student self-reports, performance-based,
and portfolio assessments. 
1. Discuss different views on assessment and instruction; 
2. Compare and contrast assessment modes for planning instruction. 

Module 2: Strategies for Teaching Students with Disabilities 

This module describes learning theories and effective strategies for teaching students with mild/moderate disabilities. All theories and strategies are discussed in detail.   

1. Discuss theories on how students learn; 
2. Identify effective strategies for teaching students with mild/moderate disabilities. 


Module 3: Differentiated Instruction and Assistive Technology (AT) for Students with Mild and Moderate Disabilities 

This module focuses on how teachers could differentiate on instruction for all learners. Various instructional practices are discussed with emphasis on the integration of Assistive Technology (AT), e.g., alternative keyboards, speech-to-text and text-to-speech software, in instruction for learners with disabilities. Throughout the module, the participant will consider diverse perspectives related to planning instruction. 

1. Explain how teachers can differentiate to support the learning of all students; 
2. Discuss how assistive technology devices can support teaching and learning. 


1. Who can take the Introduction to Special Education Certificate course? 
Anyone who has an interest in learning more about this subject matter is encouraged to take the course. There are no entry requirements to take the course. 

2. What is the structure of the course? 
The course is broken down into 3 individual modules. Each module takes between 20 and 90 minutes on average to study. Although you are free to spend as much or as little time as you feel necessary on each module, simply log in and out of the course at your convenience. 

3. Where/when can I study the course? 
You can study the course any time you like. Simply log in and out of the web based course as often as you require. The course is compatible with all computers, tablet devices and smart phones. 

4. Is there a test at the end of the course? 
During this course you will complete a number of learning activities that demonstrate your growing proficiency and knowledge in special education and of identifying students with mild to moderate disabilities. Once you have completed all 3 modules there is a final multiple choice test. The questions will be on a range of topics found within the 3 modules. The test, like the course, is online and can be taken at a time and location of your preference. 

5. What is the pass mark for the final test? 
The pass mark for each test is 70%. 

6. What happens if I fail the tests? 
If you don’t pass the tests the first time, you will get further opportunities to take the tests again after extra study. There are no limits to the number of times you can take the tests. All test retakes are included within the price of the course. 

7. When will I receive my certificate? 
Once you have completed your test you can log in to your account and download/print your certificate any time you need it.  

8. How can I pay? 
You can either use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Solo cards or PayPal account to pay for the online course. Our site uses the latest SSL encryption to ensure your safety. All payments are handled securely by PayPal. 

9. How long after payment can I start with my course? 
You can begin the course immediately after your payment has been received. You will create your login details during the checkout process. We will also send you an email confirming your login details. 

10. How long does it take to complete the Introduction to Special Education Certificate course?  
We estimate that the course will take about 15 hours to complete in total, plus an additional 30 minutes for the end of course test. 

11. How long is my certificate valid for? 
Once you have been awarded your certificate it is valid for life. The certificate does not expire or need renewing.