Our Office Hours are 15:00 – 20:00 (+02:00 GMT) Mon–Wed–Thu

People enter therapy when some aspect of their emotional life becomes painful or problematic and attempts to remedy the problem have been ineffective. In order to examine thoroughly the issues arising in different fields of Mental Health, to obtain and circulate information, to establish working relationships with national and international organisations in the same fields and to achieve better coordination, the A.P.P.A.C. has constituted different Sections.

Our counseling programs are designed to enhance individual and family strengths in order to achieve improvements in behaviour, relationships, and/or emotional well being. Our aim is to work efficiently, making best use of limited resources, while also delivering maximum benefit to those who have an involvement with the A.P.P.A.C..

The following Sections of the A.P.P.A.C. also organise their own seminars and symposia under the aegis of the A.P.P.A.C. Committee.

Child and Adolescent Section (including behavioural, neurophysiological, personality problems)
Adult Section (including psychopathology, personality disorders, psychological, relationship problems)
Geriatric / Alzheimer’s Section
Family / Systemic Therapy Section (couple, family and group therapy)
Learning Disabilities Section (including educational problems and handicaps)
Educational Section (congresses, seminars, lectures and supervision to psychology/psychiatry/special education graduates)
Psychometric Testing Section
Spina Bifida (fellow Association with the Hellenic Association for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus)
Emergency Psychiatry and Emergency Line

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