Our Mission

The mission of the A.P.P.A.C. is to contribute in the prevention and confrontation of Mental Health problems of children, teenagers, adults and the elderly, though specialised professional help and education.

The goals of the A.P.P.A.C. are:

• To prevent and treat psychological, psychiatric problems and mental/psychological disorders of children, teenagers and adults
• To promote and maintain a high standard and ethical practice of Psychiatry and Psychology
• To further educate health professionals and to promote the highest levels of ability and quality in practice, research, supervision and training in psychotherapy and its related activities
• To facilitate global co-operation and exchange of ideas and experience between different associations, institutions and individuals who are concerned about medical, social, psychological, gender, cultural and economic issues, along with other human experience mainly in relation to psychiatry and psychology practice
• To promote research, conferences, publications, audio-visual material and other scientific information in this field by means of meetings and all manner of appropriate communication
• To define the scope of Psychiatry and its relations with various fields of medicine and other related sciences
• To inform the public on certain professional specialties with regard to today’s perceptions on Mental Health and in general too provide public awareness, education and sensitization on mental illnesses and matters related to Psychiatry