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The A.P.P.A.C. Archives is a quarterly scientific journal, certified by the Medical Association (with ISSN number) published by the A.P.P.A.C. and distributed to nearly 6,500 doctors, psychologists and social workers in Greece.

The journal welcomes articles in all areas of Medicine (emphasis to Psychiatry and Neurology) and Psychology and encourages young researchers to submit their work. The three official languages of the A.P.P.A.C. Archives are Greek, English and French.

Authors who wish to publish an article in the A.P.P.A.C. Archives must send it in Word Document (doc) file type, to the A.P.P.A.C. Secretariat:


(1) Editorials. Short articles containing 500–1000 words, on current and/or controversial topics, written by experts on the field, after invitation by the Editorial Board. Editorials should contain no more than 10 references.
(2) Reviews. Overviews of recent advances on contemporary medical/psychiatric/psychological issues, preferably of wide clinical interest or presenting conclusions based on research done by the authors themselves. A review article should not be submitted by more than three authors and it is advisable not to contain more than 7,000 words (including abstract and references). The Editorial Board retains the right to ask the authors to reduce the length of such articles which could then be published as brief reviews.
(3) Research articles. Previously unpublished clinical or experimental studies.
(4) Case reports. Uncommon cases, application of new diagnostic criteria or novel successful therapeutic techniques.
(5) General articles. Topics on Health Sciences of broad medical/psychological interest.
(6) Brief communications. The Editorial Board could ask the authors to reduce the length of research articles and case reports submitted and publish them as brief articles. Manuscripts that are intended to be published as brief articles can also be submitted. They should contain no more than 1,500 words and up to 15 references.
(7) Educational articles. Thorough presentation of medical/psychological topics written in a didactic way.
(8) Letters to the Editor. Preliminary reports on research studies, drug side-effects, comments, etc. They should not contain more than 500 words and 5 references. Letters commenting on published articles are sent to the authors for reply.


The type of article should be indicated in the front page

1. Times New Roman font, size 12
2. Single-space and sufficient margins
3. The length of the article should be up to 10 pages including text, abstract, tables, figures / illustrations and bibliography. If there are no tables, the document should not exceed 7,000words.
4. The article must include an abstract of no more than 150 words. The abstract should be in English and in the text language (ex. Abstract in English, abstract in Greek, test in Greek). Also it should include 3-6 key-words.
5. Author(s) should follow the guidelines of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (4th ed., 1994).
6. The author(s) should prepare a separate page with the title, the author(s)’ name(s), affiliation details, address, telephone and e-mail address. In the case of a manuscript in Greek or French, a similar first page should be prepared in English.
7. Tables and figures should be given in separate pages after the references. The position of the tables and figures in the text should be clearly indicated.
8. References should follow the text, starting from a new page. References are cited in alphabetical order - APA Style.
9. The copyright of the published papers belongs to the A.P.P.A.C. Archives.
10. Submitted articles are not returned to author(s).

Articles are evaluated by the Scientific Committee and notification of acceptance for publication is sent to the authors a month after submission.

Acceptance for publication will be based on the reviewers' remarks and evaluation.

After acceptance, a handling fee should be paid to the A.P.P.A.C..